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October 30 – November 12, 2019

Lost Peacock Cheese. Rachael and Matthew Tuller, along with their two children, live and work on their farm situated on Cross Creek Lane in northeast Olympia. Every day they milk some 36 goats and every other day make that milk into some outstanding cheeses which the Co-op is pleased to offer to our members.

Chevre is a soft creamy farmstead cheese, touched only with a little sea salt, and is a wonderfully spreadable cheese. For a spicier version, they have created Thai Garlic Chevre which comes with a hint of Thai chili. Halloumi shows up crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, sprinkled with fresh from the farm mint and sea salt. Look for them in the cheese departments of both stores, and use the coupon!

Aspiring to what is called in Europe “high farming,” the folks at Lost Peacock look for the perfect balance between plants and animals, pointing out on their blog that “animals enrich the soil, the soil produces plants, the plants feed the animals.” To meet this goal, they power their farm with alternative energy. Lost Peacock does not use antibiotics or growth hormones so prevalent in factory farming.

Lost Peacock supports agritourism and open their doors to public tours of the farm by appointment.