Staff Job Description


Co-op staff members operate as a collective and are responsible for coordinating the stores’ operations. Additionally, all staff participate in collective governance and decision making and anti-oppression work.

Staff responsibilities are outlined in the Co-op’s bylaws and include a wide variety of tasks related to store operations and governance. These include product department management, merchandise buying, retail floor coordination/customer service, supervision of volunteers, store supervision, cashiering, stocking, food preparation, accounting, quarterly inventory, etc.

REQUIREMENTS Applicants must

  • work at least 30 hours per week
  • have physical abilities to lift and carry 10-50 lbs repeatedly over the course of one day
  • have physical abilities to perform general grocery tasks, stocking, cashiering, delivery receiving, etc.
  • speak, read, and write English
  • have basic math and money-handling skills
  • be able to make a one-year commitment if hired
  • have flexibility in scheduling, and be available for on-call work
  • be able to work morning, evening, and weekend hours
  • have willingness to learn and participate in a cooperative workplace
  • be able to give helpful, considerate, thorough customer service


  • Retail or food service work experience
  • Customer service work experience
  • Group/collaborative decision making experience
  • Demonstrated communication skills – verbal and written
  • Project, organization or business management experience
  • Fluency in a language other than English
  • Basic computer literacy skills
  • Advanced math and money handling skills
  • Multi-tasking and problem-solving skills


As of January 2019, pay starts at $15.03 per hour. Wage increases occur yearly, and the wage scale is the same for all staff regardless of job duties.


During the trial period, the weekly hourly commitment will be a minimum of 30 hours per week, with the possibility of up to 40 hours per week. Hours will be a combination of permanent, as needed, and on-call shifts. The first 1500 hours of employment are a trial period.  New Staff receive thorough training and gradually assume increased hours and responsibility in their job description duties.


Benefits include medical and dental insurance, vacation and sick leave, retirement benefits, and discounts on purchases. All benefits are pro-rated as a percentage of full time work. Full-time is considered 30 hours per week.

Staff Application PDF