• variety of fresh pork products

Our highest values

  • Locally, or regionally grown meats/products. We source items as close to Olympia as possible, to reduce the distance products travel before getting to you and to support our local an economy.
  • Humanely raised and harvested meats. We prefer farms and companies that have earned certification for humane treatment, and are dedicated to animal welfare.
  • Land stewardship. We look for farms and companies that have been awarded stewardship certification and have the highest environmental standards.
  • Organic, Free-Range, Free-Roaming, Vegetarian-Fed, Grass-Fed, Wild caught. We strive to offer organic options wherever possible, while maintaining more affordable options as well. All our chicken, pork, and lamb are vegetarian fed, and our local beef is 100% grass-fed – not just grass finished but 100% grass-fed. All our fish options are wild-caught fish, never farmed. Our buffalo is raised with the utmost respect for land and the animal on the prairies of South Dakota.

Products offered

  • Beef– All our beef is 100% grass-fed. For locally raised and processed, select Colvin Ranch from Tenino, WA.
  • Pork– Regionally raised and processed. Certified Humanely raised. Pure Country Pork in Ephrata, WA.
  • Lamb– Regionally raised and grass-fed from Hawley Ranch, Cottage Grove, OR.
  • Poultry– Local and regional, Draper Valley Chicken organic line and ‘Free-Ranger’ line from Western WA farms. Mary’s Chicken organic and air-chilled line from the western Sierra foothills, just outside Fresno, CA.
  • Buffalo– Free roaming on the Dakota grasslands, Wild Idea Buffalo in South Dakota.
  • Seafood– We feature Coho and Keta Salmon as well as high quality wild Alaskan Sockeye portions from Golden Catch, as well as Albacore steaks, Sockeye fillets and smoked Sockeye and King, reefnet caught in the north Salish Sea from Lummi Island Wild.

Packaged Items

  • Applegate sliced deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, sausages, and charcuterie
  • Smoked salmon and uncured hams
  • Frozen options- such as quick foods, ground meats, lots of local options, roasts, duck, cornish hens, etc.

And so much more!!! Come check out our offerings today!

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