Short Films

Here are some YouTube videos the Olympia Food Co-op would love to share with you:

Ojibewe Tribe
A staff member found this great video of how manoomin rice (wild rice) is harvested and produced by the Ojibewe Tribal members.


Equal Exchange
Footage of some of the farmers, producers, and cooperatives that Equal Exchange partners with. “You can make a stance with your purchases. And that’s really powerful.”


LaDonna Redmond

Founder and Executive Director, The Campaign for Food Justice Now


Kim Gaffi
Co-Founder and Executive Director of GRuB


Salmon Defense
The mission of Salmon Defense is to “protect and defend Pacific Northwest salmon and salmon habitat.”


Billy Frank Jr.
Former Chairman, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee


Seattle-based nonprofit, Forterra, has been working for 25 years to build a sustainable region through focus on land.