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Welcome to The Olympia Food Co-op, a membership-based collectively-operated food store! First-time shoppers are welcome to shop at membership prices, as are members of other food co-ops. 

Our memberships cost very little, $29 for life, as part of our mission statement to “make good food accessible to more people”. To further this goal, we also offer an option to pay these dues off over several years, free memberships to seniors and people living with disabilities, and for those whose income falls below self-sufficiency, a 10% discount on all purchases.

In addition, you are welcome to participate in our working member program, a key element of our vibrant Co-op community. Working members receive an additional discount on groceries based upon hours and are an active part of daily store operations – such as stocking and cashiering – and are involved in variety of other special projects. For more info on this program, visit the Member Services desk in either store to sign up for an introduction tour or email

Benefits of Membership

  • members shop at shelf prices (non-members pay 10% above the shelf price)
  • members are eligible to become working members and receive an additional discount
  • members may vote in elections
  • members may run for the Board of Directors
  • members are entitled to receive the Olympia Food Co-op Newsletter

Membership Form PDF

Types of Memberships

If you are under 18 years of age, you do not need to join; you may shop at member prices without being a member

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS we do not offer household/family memberships

Regular members

  • pay a one-time $5 membership fee (non-refundable)
  • pay $24 total in equity, either all at once, or at a minimum rate of $6 per year; equity is refundable upon request
  • first year equity payment ($6) and membership fee ($5) are due the day you join

Senior members (over 62) or member with a disability

  • free membership, equity and membership fees are waived
  • if the member is unable to shop in person, another person may be designated to use the membership
  • we welcome any and all suggestions for increasing the accessibility of the Co-op

Cooperative Access Program

  • free membership, no equity, 10% discount, and renewable one-year membership
  • this membership is available to anyone whose financial condition would prevent their access to shopping at the Co-op, based on any of the following criteria:
      1. income from employment, pensions, retirement, or elsewhere inadequate to support basic needs
      2. unemployed and without familial support and/or other financial resources
  • if you are unsure whether you qualify, the Co-op suggests using the Self Sufficiency Calculator for Washington State, a free online resource to help determine your financial self sufficiency. There are internet stations available in our stores if you need help accessing the calculator. The calculator can be found at


Trade Business or Non-Profit Community Organization Member

    • a collectively managed business, or an Olympia Food Co-op supplier, or a non-profit organization
    • free membership, no equity, 10% discount
    • any representative of the organization may use the membership to make business-related purchases only

Business Member

    • pay a one-time non-refundable fee of $30, there is no equity
    •  any representative of the business may use the membership to make business related purchases only


  • equity is kept in the Co-op’s capital account, and are refundable to active members wanting to relinquish their membership
  • the one-time $5 membership fee is non-refundable
  • for more information, contact us here, or at one of our locations


  • the Olympia Food Co-op memberships are for individual use only
  • to receive member prices, members must always present their membership card or enter membership by phone or name
  • dependent children may shop at member prices without a card until age 18
  • active members must retain a current address or email on file, and keep their equity current
  • active members become inactive if they:
    1. fail to make timely equity payments; or
    2. fail to maintain current contact information on file for one year; or
    3. fail to renew a Cooperative Access Membership; or
    4. fail to interact with the Co-op for a period of six years or more (interacting can be responding to a communication from the Co-op, voting in the annual election, or shopping at the Co-op);
    5. request inactive status.

Membership Form PDF