Thurston Talk

We have signed up with ThurstonTalk, a resource for connection within our community. They provide an interesting way to interact with advertising by providing a platform for businesses to share stories and interesting facts of their products and services. Their calendar with activities, events and community classes is easy to access – and looks fun!

Below are the links to the online articles we provided, or resulting from an interview with ThurstonTalk writers. We have also included stories from other businesses where the Co-op was referenced to.

Buy Local at the Olympia Food Co-op
June 2018

Eating Healthy in the New Year: Co-op Deli
January 2018

“Meat” Your Vendors at the Olympia Food Co-op
November 2017

Turn Up the Taste with HotBabe-HotSauce
November 2017

Direct and Fresh: Local Farms Program
June 2017

Garden Goodies at the Olympia Food Co-op
June 2017

What’s Local in Chill?
May 2017

The Oh-So Fabulous Flavors of Real Food: Helsing Junction Farm
March 2017

Local and Regional Cheese Producers
February 2017

Wellness at the Olympia Food Co-op
January 2017

The Grass Is Really Greener Here – Microgreens from Black Hills Organic
December 2016

Local Chocolate & Artisans
December 2016

Organic Apples & Free Fruit for Kids
November 2016

Northwest Cooperative Development Center Shares Power of Cooperation
September 2016

The Olympia Food Co-op Adopts a $15 Starting Wage
March 2016

Olympia Food Co-op – Local Food and So Much More
October 2015

Tastes Happy: A Healthier Choice That Tastes Delicious
August 2015

Save your Seeds
July 2015

Fair Trade Day, World Trade Movement
May 2015

Making Good Food Accessible to More People
December 2011