Working Members

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We invite you to join us!

For more information, or to sign up for the Introduction Tour please email us at:

Working Member Applications forms:
Westside Volunteer Form
Eastside Volunteer Form

Active participation of members is the foundation of any cooperative. At the Olympia Food Co-op, working members have supported the operations of the Co-op since we opened in 1977, and are a valued part of our Co-op community.

As a working member, you can learn about your Co-op from the inside out, meet people, gain new skills, and receive discounts on your groceries. Join a long tradition of working members who have made the Olympia Food Co-op the successful, community oriented organization it is today!

We have many opportunities, listed below. First, we invite you to join the Introduction Tour, and from there you can determine what would be best for you. For more information, or to sign up for the Introduction Tour, you are welcome to contact us at the stores. 

Get to know most of the products in the store and meet fellow Co-op members. Learn cash handling and modern cash register operation skills. Great for job resumes! This working member position requires three additional sessions after the Introduction Tour, and a six month commitment.

Experience our enthusiastic team, while enhancing the beauty of our facilities.

Help close the store and get it ready for the morning crew.

Committees of the Board
Interested in big picture development of policy? Here is a list of our current committees

Courtesy Clerk
Help fellow Co-op members with packing their groceries and carrying them to their car.

FreeStore (westside only)
Do you want to join a long standing community project? Come help organize the donated items in and outside of the FreeStore, and maintain its cleanliness.

Garden Center (westside only)
Do you love to garden? Talk shop in this local hub with other gardeners just like you, and learn to use a modern cash register system.

Grocery Stocking
Without grocery stockers, our shelves would be bare, and with your help they’re beautiful! Participate in filling our shelves, and help us meet our mission statement by making good food accessible to more people. Also, you can help the morning delivery team, or closing warehouse team.

Landscaping (Eastside Only & Seasonal)
Work in symphony with the Eco Planning Committee and staff to maintain the demonstration gardens at the Eastside. Its a great place for visitors to enjoy and learn about sustainable gardening techniques.

Help set up the store for daily business by watering plants, checking products for mark down, clean front doors, etc.

Learn to make beautiful produce displays, and get familiar with new fruits and veggies.  Help support our thriving produce department, known as one of Thurston County’s best hubs for local organic produce.

Special Projects
Projects can include data entry, computer assistance, or special events such as scooping ice cream at the ice cream social. If you think of a project you think would be beneficial, let us know!

For more information, or to sign up for the Introduction Tour please email us at: