Healthy Food

At the Olympia Food Co-op, making healthy food accessible and affordable is really important to us – it’s even in our purpose statement. We strive to  provide a wide assortment of foods to meet many dietary needs, and place a special emphasis on foods that are organic and locally produced. When you have questions about specific foods, our customer service and front end staff are happy to help you. We also have many brochures, signs, and department specific newsletters throughout our stores to get you inspired and informed.  If you are interested in learning new cooking techniques or want to change your diet, and aren’t sure where to start, our community classes program has many great opportunities for learning more about food and cooking. We also have many food articles and recipes in the Table  magazine for you to peruse.  Or stop by our deli and get inspired by their many fabulous creations that make healthy eating quick, easy, and delicious.

Because it is important to us to make healthy food as affordable as possible for our members, we offer some ways for you to save money on food: become a working member and get a discount on your groceries,  look for the Co+op Deals coupons in the mail and in our stores, check out our specials for great prices on products you already love (or try something new!), and shop the reduced sections for great savings on foods that are slightly past their prime, and still tasty.

We also have discounted memberships for members in need of further assistance, and we accept EBT.

Providing fresh, healthy food is something we value and want our members to have the best possible access to. If you have suggestions for further ways we can do this, please let us know!