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Local Partners & distance from Olympia

An integral mission of the Olympia Food Co-op has been its commitment to support and cultivate local producers and businesses. The Local Farms Program is a system implemented by the produce department, and utilized by the deli, putting theory into practice.

The Local Farm Program is a system used to work with local farmers to plan fruit and vegetable purchases for the Coop. The Co-op and farmers negotiate a prioritization system of farms getting first and second priority selling diverse crops to the Co-op. This way, a farm can know that they will sell certain crops to the Co-op, and the Co-op produce buyers can expect to have those crops available to buy.

Because part of our mission statement is to “support local business,” the Co-op pays farmers more than we pay to buy the same crops from a large distributor, and apply a lower margin to keep the retail prices competitive.

We have a standardized and transparent system for pricing between farmers and the Co-op. With this system, prices are set based on an average market price and agreed upon before each season. This helps farmers know they will to be paid, excluding the added work of negotiation.

Overall, the Local Farms Program has provided the Co-op with more local products throughout the season, creating a more consistent supply. Since farms generally keep the same crop prioritization year after year, they have a sense of volumes, and can plan the seed purchase and planting to better suit their needs and the Co-op’s demand.

Mike Brownfield
155 Apple Acres Rd
Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 682-2306
Email: Mike Brownfield

Boistfort Valley Farm
Heidi and Mike Peroni
426 Boistfort Road
Curtis, WA 98538
(360) 245-3796
Website: Boistfort Valley Farm

Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchard
Carolyn & Michael Dolan
432 Burnt Ridge Rd
Onalaska, WA 98570
(360) 985-2873
Website: Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchard

Calliope Farm
Jacob Wilson
1335 Overhulse Rd
Olympia, WA 98502
(360) 866-4257
Website: Calliope Farm

Helsing Junction Farm
Susan Ujcic & Anna Salafsky
12013 Independence Rd
Rochester, WA 98579
(360) 273-2033
Website: Helsing Junction Farm

Kirsop Farm
Genine Bradwin and Colin Barricklow
Rochester, WA
(360) 402-5028
Website: Kirsop Farm

Little Big Farm
Maya Wood and Phelan Pagano
1218 Thurston Ave NE
Olympia, WA 98506 (this is a mailing address, their farm is in southeast Olympia)
(808) 269-6100
Website: Little Big Farm

Newaukum Valley Farm
Josh Hyatt
530 Spooner Rd
Chehalis, Wa 98532
Website: Newaukum Valley Farm

Okanogan Producers
P.O. Box 1807
Okanogan, WA 98840
Website: Okanogan Producers

Piece by Piece Farm
Kelly Battershell and Laura Mosher
3800 South Bay Rd NE
Olympia, WA 98506
(970) 925-8965
Website: Piece by Piece Farm

Pigman’s Organic Produce Patch
Jan & Dean Pigman
10633 Steilacoom Rd
Olympia, WA 98513
(360) 491-FARM
Website: Pigman’s Organic Produce Patch

Rising River Farm
Jennifer Belknap & Jim McGinn
13208 – 201st Ave SW
Rochester, WA 98579
(360) 273-5368
Website: Rising River Farm

Skokomish Ridge Mushrooms
PO Box 405
Union, WA 98592
(360) 338-5810
Email: Skokomish Ridge Mushrooms

Stewart Organics
Terry R. Stewart
(253) 219-2540
Email: Steward Organics

Wobbly Cart Farm
Joseph Gabiou
13136 B 201st Ave SW
Rochester, WA 98579
(360) 273-7597
Website: Wobbly Cart Farm