Rights & Responsibilities


  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Pay no more than the posted member prices
  • Run for the Co-op Board of Directors and serve, if elected
  • Attend board meetings, propose agenda items, and speak during public comment
  • Become a working member
  • Participate in the Co-op’s democratic processes, such as elections, member-initiated ballots, and surveys
  • Petition the Board to conduct a special membership meeting
  • Shop in safe and sanitary stores
  • Receive timely responses to requests/complaints
  • Share information aligned with the Co-op’s mission and values through access to tabling in front of stores


  • To treat others with dignity and Respect
  • Communicate with kindness
  • Pay the appropriate amount for your purchases
  • Respect store policies, in and outside the stores
  • Support and operate from the mission and values of the Co-op
  • Respect the structure, agenda, and facilitation of Co-op board meetings
  • Maintain your active membership status by keeping your dues and contact information current
  • Verify your membership at every purchase
  • Approach conflict and challenges in good faith
  • Behave in a way that will not compromise the safety of others
  • Sign and adhere to the Tabling Agreements when tabling at the stores