Shopping Guide

  • list from a shopper with drawings of produce and the PLU numbers

It is an adventure to shop here – seeing friends, meeting new people, getting good food, and supporting producers who reflect our purpose and values. When first visiting us, it could seem a little confusing. We welcome you to visit us at the Customer Service desk. We are happy to help orient you to shopping with us.

Below are some general questions and the Returns Policy. Also, feel free to contact us for any additional inquires.

Do I need to be a Member to shop here?
Anyone is welcome to shop.  Non-members will be charged an additional 10% on their purchases. For more information, visit our membership page.

Who are Working Members?
They are members who greatly enhance our organization with assistance in many departments, projects and committees. Without their generous help, the Co-op would be a very different place! Think you might like to be one, too? Visit our working members page.

What are PLU numbers and when do I need to write them down?
PLUs are numbers that cashiers use to ring up your purchases. If a product does not have a bar code it will have a PLU number. This includes all of bulk, most of produce, and some of bakery.

How do I get liquid bulk items?
Bring in your container or purchase one of ours – various designs in glass and plastic are available. Make sure to weigh the container prior to filling, and write down the weight, which is also called the “tare”, to tell the cashier. Scales are found in the bulk section.

Are there discounts for purchasing large quantities of product?
Yes. We offer a 10% discount on most special orders. Find a staff member to help with specifics of your order. We will call you when your product arrives. Payment is due upon pickup.

What is the current natural food labeling information?

Fair Trade with the Domestic Fair Trade Association
Non-GMO labeling with the Non-GMO Project
GMO Foods – Frequently Asked Questions with the World Health Organization
Nutrition Facts Label Guide of the US Food and Drug Administration
Organic labeling with the US Department of Agriculture

Do you offer tax exemption for qualified nonresidents?
As of July 1, 2019, we are no longer permitted to provide this service. You are welcome to request a refund through the Department of Revenue of Washington State for the state portion that you paid, and there is no refund available for the local portion paid. PDF of the Special Notice

Olympia Food Co-op Returns Policy
As a not-for-profit, community owned grocery store, the purpose of our returns policy is to promote member satisfaction while maintaining low prices.

1. All returns must be approved by a Staff Member

2. Items may be returned or exchanged to either store within 30 days of purchase

3. All refunds and price adjustments must be accompanied by a receipt

4. Bulk department Special Orders cannot be returned

5. Items with a receipt may be returned for a refund as follows:

      • Credit and debit purchases – the refund amount must be credited back to the customer’s card
      • EBT Food purchases – the refund amount must be credited to the EBT card used in the original purchase
      • Cash purchases will be refunded back in cash
      • Check and EBT Cash purchases may be refunded back in cash
      • Gift Card purchases will be credited back to a gift card

The Olympia Food Co-op reserves the right to handle returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your cooperation with our returns policy and your continued support.