Go Local

Buying local has been a part of our Co-op since day one, back in 1977!

Over all these years, we are excited that our Local Buying Program has remained strong, with the ability to provide a great place for local producers to share their products with our members. This program is one of the foundations to remain loyal to our mission statement. As well, when you purchase their products from us, you know they are getting a fair share of the sale, as we provide a very low markup.

The participants in our Buy Local Program fall under one or more of these definitions:

  • Local = grown or produced in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pierce, or Grays Harbor counties
  • Regional  = grown or produced in Washington, Oregon, or British Columbia
  • Direct = direct sales to the Co-op from the producer or farm with no middle distributor involved

Thank you for supporting the folks who work hard to produce food and products for our community, and for helping to make our Buy Local Program such a success!

The history of the development of our Local Farms Program is an interesting read. This innovative program was developed by our produce staff years ago, and continues to bring healthy food to our tables in a fair and unique way.

For more information, or to connect with the buyers, send an email here