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Our kitchen remodel is complete and it’s gorgeous! Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer self serve foods due to the COVID19 virus. We are working hard on alternatives so that we can continue to offer delicious, handmade foods to you.

We are currently making sandwiches and foods we are packaging in the kitchen.

The Co-op deli is a wonderland of delicious wholesome food you can eat on the go! Customers of our eastside store can enjoy our salad bar, which boasts a wide variety of handmade vegetable, grain, and pasta salads, as well as green salad fixings and hot soups. At both stores we offer meat and vegetarian sandwiches Monday through Friday, served on gluten-free and whole grain breads delivered fresh from Essential Bakery in Seattle. We also feature fair trade, organic hot beverages every day of the week. Grab n’ go options at both stores often include baked chicken, packaged salads, and other scrumptious offerings made just for you!

The majority of our ingredients are organic, including all of our fresh fruits and vegetables. We provide regular options for vegan and gluten-free diets, as well as for a variety of other dietary needs.* The meat we prepare is either organic or naturally raised and always hormone- and steroid-free. We are excited to be following the lead of our amazing produce department in featuring produce from local farms in season.

Like the rest of The Olympia Food Co-op, our deli believes that good food should be accessible to more people. That’s why we try to meet as many of our customers’ dietary needs as we can, and also why we keep prices lower than just about any other mostly-organic salad bar you’ll find. If you love what you eat, consider buying one of our cookbooks, so you can bring our creative, inspiring, healthy recipes home today!

*We are a facility that cooks with a wide variety of ingredients. Therefore our gluten- and allergen-free food may occasionally contain traces of gluten, dairy, nuts, and nightshades.