We have reopened our salad bar with a delicious array of fresh chopped salad fixings, creative salads, house made pickles and salad dressings, and packaged items including salads, meats, full meals and desserts. Every day there will be new tasty foods for your enjoyment.

Our cooks start with the finest ingredients, often turning vegetables and fruit harvested and delivered from local farms that morning into delicious fare for you to enjoy that day! Daily, different delicious ingredients are featured, and everything is made right here, at the store. This translates to a long list of excellent recipes we are proud to share with our customers. Soup cookbooks are for sale at the salad bar.

Another deli favorite are our sandwiches that we make fresh every day but Sunday and sell out of our grab and go coolers in both stores. You can find our packaged foods at our Westside store as well.

The self-serve salad bar, soup, coffee and tea is open at our Eastside store from 8 am until 7pm. Sandwiches and packaged items are sold until 9 pm at both stores. Hot coffee and tea have also returned to our Westside store.

We love to hear from you. What did you particularly enjoy? What could we do better? What would you like to see that we don’t yet have? You can fill out a suggestion form at one of our stores or online at

Thank you for sharing food and community with us!