Tabling Guidelines

Are you interested in setting up a table outside the Co-op? Read the guidelines below and contact the store you are interested in tabling at, where staff will help to arrange a time.

Tabling and Signature Gathering Request Form (PDF)

Mission Statement and Product Selection

Tabling and Signature Gathering Policy

  • The front end/member services department and its department coordinator are responsible for coordinating these policies and procedures. The Co-op provides tabling privileges as a community service and reserves the right to deny tabling rights to persons or groups who do not follow guidelines or do not align with the Co-op’s mission statement. Final decisions on tabling will be made by the work group coordinator.
  • Persons or groups interested in tabling must sign up at least one week in advance by calling the store at which they want to table. The customer service coordinator or front end coordinator will check the calendar, communicate guidelines and policies, and sign the group up for specified day/s and times or take a message for the work group coordinator to call the group back. The front end staff can make exceptions to the advance sign-up requirement in case of emergencies when groups need an immediate response (i.e. natural disaster, local issue has come up, etc.).
  • Unless exceptions are made, all tabling occurs in front of both stores in agreed-upon areas. The front end doordinator will assist with identifying the appropriate area.
  • Tabling guidelines must be signed by all persons participating, before tabling begins. If guidelines are not followed satisfactorily, staff on duty at the store has the authority to ask persons/groups to leave.
  • Any concerns about tabling policies, requests, or decisions may be brought to the member relations committee and/or the Board of Directors for review. In the event of a denied request, that decision will be documented by the work group coordinator.
  • Tabling for Co-op by Board, staff, and members about Co-op issues will be given precedence over non-Co-op related issues. In general, tabling privileges are intended for nonprofits, fundraisers, and community information.


  • Be respectful to all shoppers and staff. Harassing behavior will not be tolerated, such as keeping people in conversation when they have declined interest. Engaging people in conversation is fine but aggressively pursuing shoppers is not.
  • Remain at the designated tabling area: do not follow shoppers to their cars or into the store.
  • Please bring your own table if possible, the size of a card table.
  • Signage used while tabling may be no larger than the size of the table, and must be placed against the table. Please do not lean signs against plants or planters.
  • There may be no more than one group setting up a table at one time, and no more than three people gathering signatures, fundraising, or tabling at any one time.
  • If the group or individual is pursuing sales, there must be no conflict of interest with what the Co-op sells, and products must meet the Co-op’s product selection guidelines. For example, please don’t attempt to sell products the Co-op currently carries for retail sales.
  • When gathering signatures for petitions, please be respectful in asking about registered voting, as not all members of our community are able to vote.
  • When you arrive at the store, please check in with one of the front end coordinators and let them know you have arrived. Sign these guidelines if you haven’t already done so.

Request for Tabling and Signature Gathering
Here are the questions to answer when filling out the Tabling Request form:

  • Name of group
  • Have you tabled here before?
  • Date and time requested
  • Contact name and number/email
  • Type of group/reason for tabling
  • How does your group or project fit into the Co-op’s mission statement and goals?
  • Will you be selling anything?
  • Will you be fundraising?
  • Do you need a table provided?
  • Any other equipment or special requests?