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Tabling Policy & Guidelines PDF

Tabling at The Olympia Food Co-op

** Please note: We’re currently revisiting our tabling policy so tabling is temporarily on hold.

The Co-op is a great place to update our community on vital issues, get the word out about your non-profit, or gain signatures for an important initiative. As a community service, the Co-op provides our members tabling space in front of both stores, so you can reach out as often as twice a week! Individuals, organizations and projects in alignment with our Co-op mission and values are encouraged to apply in advance, as space is assigned on a first come first serve basis.

You can read our full tabling policy and guidelines below, and ask a staff member for a tabling application!

Olympia Food Co-op Tabling Policy

  1. The member relations committee oversees the tabling policy for the Olympia Food Co-op.
  2. The front end member services department is responsible for implementing the tabling policy within established tabling guidelines.
  3. The Co-op provides tabling privileges as a community service. Tabling requested by Co-op Board, staff and members, about Co-op issues, will be given priority over non Co-op related groups and issues.
  4. Co-op community tabling privileges are intended for non-profits, co-ops, fundraisers, and sharing of community information. The Co-op reserves the right to deny persons, or groups, not in alignment with Co-op mission goals.
  5. There may be no more than one group, with a maximum of three people, tabling at any one time.
  6. Unless exceptions are made, all tabling occurs in designated areas in front of stores and away from the front doors.
  7. A conflict of interest may exist when a tabling applicant offers items for sale, or promotion, which are similar to products carried at the Co-op. Such conflicts of interest are generally prohibited. Exceptions may be made for community non-profit fundraisers. However, such products must:
    • be approved by the appropriate department manager; and
    • meet the Co-op’s product selection guidelines.
  8. All individuals who will be present during tabling are required to read and sign the Co-op tabling policy and guidelines. Failure to do so will result in denial of tabling privileges.
  9. Front end staff on duty at the store have the authority to ask persons or groups to leave if Co-op tabling policies and guidelines are not followed satisfactorily.
  10. The member relations committee and/or the Board of Directors will review any concerns about Co-op tabling policies and guidelines, requests, or decisions.

Contact: with questions.

Olympia Food Co-op Tabling Guidelines

Request a tabling application from eastside customer service or westside member services, and return completed form to the location where space is being requested.

When to Submit
The Co-op grants tabling privileges on a first come basis. If received less than one week prior to your event (two for fundraising), your request may not be approved.

Sales & Fundraising
If you wish to sell items or fundraise, be aware that department managers require two weeks to approve any items made available to shoppers. You can facilitate this process by providing clear descriptions of all merchandise on your tabling application.

In cases of emergency (i.e. natural disaster, emergent local issue, etc.) the requirement of advance notice may be waived.

Tabling opportunities are open to all members of the community that align with Co-op values and follow the tabling policies and guidelines herein. As such, the amount of time any one person or group can utilize the space is limited to four hours per day (9am – 1pm or 2pm to 6pm), two days per week, or 15% of the available tabling opportunities, at each store.

Check In
On the day of your event, please check in with the front end floor coordinator, who will assist with identifying an appropriate location for your activity. Please remain within this designated area while engaging with customers.

The Co-op will provide a table, chairs, and a waste container at no cost. Any signs used while tabling may be no larger than the 1m sq and must be placed against the table. You may be asked to move signs if they lean against plants or planters, obstruct aisles, or limit staff members’ line of sight.

Social Interactions
Please be respectful to all shoppers, staff, and working members. Engaging people in conversation is fine, but aggressively pursuing them when they have declined interest, or engaging in other unprofessional behaviors, is not. Do not follow shoppers. Harassing behavior will not be tolerated.

When gathering signatures for petitions, be respectful in asking about registered voting, as not all members of our community are able to vote.

Tabling Policy & Guidelines PDF