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March Produce Newsletter PDF

Fresh Food for Everybody! Stimulate your senses with vibrant seasonal selections available in your produce department. We are dedicated to ensuring that the best variety of fresh, local, and organic selections are here every day!

We work closely with regional distributors to bring you a wide selection of fruits and vegetables throughout every growing season!

We cultivate long term relationships with local farmers through our Local Farms Program to ensure the best available produce and to support a healthy local economy. When you choose produce from the aisle, it could very well have been harvested from the farm that morning. That’s how dedicated to local we are! Some local farms we purchase from regularly include:

Burnt Ridge
Cedar Slope
Helsing Junction
Here to There
Little Big
OPMA (Okanogan Producers Marketing Association)
Piece by Piece
Rising River
Wobbly cart

Leading the way in organics for over 30 years! Our practices are guided by our mission and values and embrace all industry standards. You will only find the best organic, pesticide-free, and wild-harvested produce here!

Social Justice
We are proud of our partners—and you can be too! You will find selections from these amazing programs and producers in your produce department.

GROW Bananas
Organics Unlimited
Equal Exchange
Tilth Producers of Washington
CO+OP Stronger Together
Organically Grown Company

Produce Mission Statement
We in the Produce Department believe in supporting sustainable agriculture by providing certified organic, pesticide free, and transitional produce as often as possible. Purchasing sustainably grown food contributes to the health and well being of the planet and its inhabitants. When we support practices that maintain the balance of the ecosystem, we ensure a safe and healthy food supply for ourselves and future generations.


  • educate membership about produce and the Co-op’s buying practices
  • educate ourselves about specific product uses, as well as farmer, distributor, and industry practices
  • encourage members to move beyond their usual buying habits by focusing on the aesthetics of fresh produce


  • offer fair prices for locally grown or directly purchased crops
  • provide fresh organic, transitional, or pesticide free produce at an affordable price to the membership
  • support local farmers by providing as much local produce as possible
  • strive to save resources by reusing materials and reducing transportation of food
  • provide information about produce
  • stimulate the local and regional economy with our buying practices
  • demonstrate the viability of local commerce by acting as a model for bio-regionalism
  • honor fresh food as a life-giving energy source that excites the senses and has healing properties

Monthly Newsletters
Here are the past Produce Department Newsletters with highlights of the season, farmer updates, and recipes!


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February Kale


December Root Vegetables

November Persimmons & Pomegranate

October Winter Squash

September Tomatoes

August Peach Pairings

July Local Cherries

June Local Strawberries

May Spring Greens & Pesto Varieties

April Start of the Local Season

March Brassicas

February Planetary Health

January Easy Healthy Meals


December Citrus Season

November Winter Squash

October Kiwi Berries

September Apples

August Stonefruit

July Carrots

June Strawberries

May  Month for Brunch

April Spring Vegetables

March Skokomish Ridge Mushrooms

February  Taking Care of Your Heart

January  Tips for Healthier Eating


December Orange Delights

November Best of Fall

October Sweet Potatoes & Russets

September Burnt Ridge Nursery

August Cool Foods

July Carrots

June Berries

May What’s For Dinner

April Spring Treats

March Brassicas

February Blood Orange & Butternut

January Eat More Fruit & Vegetables