Member Guide

Membership in a cooperative offers a unique perspective in the retail world, providing empowering rights and responsibilities. The Olympia Food Co-op is a democratic organization run by its members. It is your store. As a member, you can have a voice in what is carried on the shelves, have a vote, earn discounts on your food as a working member, and join in community celebrations.

The Member Relations Committee at the Olympia Food Co-op has created this Member Guide in order to help educate members on the structure of the Co-op and how it functions, to help you understand the rights and responsibilities inherent as a member of the cooperative, and to encourage you to become an active participant in your Co-op community by joining a committee as a Member at Large or by serving on the Board of Directors.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Olympia Food Co-op!

Member Rights & Responsibilities

Co-op Structure (PDF)

How to participate:

Become a working member

Join a Committee of the Board

Run for the Board of Directors

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