Co-op Movement

  • Yenni of CECOSESOLA with Co-op staff members Alejandra and Emily
Your co-op is part of a national and international movement to bring greater social and economic justice, strengthen communities, and help care for our environment. Here are some ways the Olympia Food Co-op stays connected to partner co-ops near and far:

Exchange with CECOSESOLA
In 2012, to celebrate the United Nations’ International Year of the Cooperative, the Olympia Food Co-op partnered with The Evergreen State College for a historic exchange with CECOSESOLA, an integrated cooperative of over 50 member organizations in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. This exchange began a rich relationship between our two organizations that continues today. Below is a short film with footage and interviews from our visit in 2012. For more writing and photos, visit the blog, CECOSESOLA: A Co-operative Exchange. To learn more about CECOSESOLA (in Spanish), visit their website at

Here is the video that our staff produced (conducted interviews, filmed, and edited)