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April 3 – 16, 2019

Wiser Worm Farm Our April coupons are dedicated to the gardeners, and this issue we celebrate the work of the good folks at Wiser Worm Farm. Wiser Worm Farm has been producing Worm products in Olympia for more than seven years. They do this by vermicomposting (vermi: worm) with Red Wiggler worms, which they also sell. Worms break down organic matter simply by eating these products. As the matter passes through their digestive tract, the chemical reactions prepare the nutrients within the organic matter to be more easily absorbed by your plants. The resulting product of their digestive process are called “worm castings.” Worm castings are beneficial to the environment, providing absorbable minerals and nutrients. Non-sterile, it also provides beneficial microbes and bacteria. Castings are non-toxic and won’t burn your plants like nitrogen fertilizers. Use worm castings in your garden and with all your outdoor plants to give them a flush of nutrients. Your healthy plants will be more resistant to fungus and disease. Redeem the coupon in this issue of the Co-op Spoonful to receive $2.00 off your purchase of Wiser Worm Farm’s Worm Castings!

To use: Scratch in one cup of Wiser Worm Farm’s Worm Castings around the base of your plant and then water. You can also mix 20% worm casting to 80% potting soil when planting.