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Winter 1985

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Born a Dallas Cowboys fan in 1951, Grace quickly switched loyalties in 1975 when the Seattle Seahawks joined the NFL. She was 9 for 13 in Wave participation at the Seahawk-Raider game December 22, and is slowly recovering from the devastating loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Grace owns the only purple sheet metal stand-up bass in town, and calls the Citizens Band (of which she is a member) second only to football among the loves of her life. Grace is well-suited to her job as a staff member at the Co-op having been exposed to food at an early age, and also possesses an extremely well-developed glarpo* (see photo). She firmly believes it is possible to be a good person and still have a messy room.

When asked for what one thing she wants to be remembered, Grace replied without hesitation, “It would have to be my Cousin It imitation.”

Respectfully submitted,
Renegade Café (A.K.A. G. Cox)

*glarpo (glar po) n. the juncture of the ear and skull where pencils are stored.

Co-op News Winter 1985 PDF

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