Member Survey

Member Survey– we have questions about selling turkeys at the Co-op!

For decades, the Olympia Food Co-op has been selling turkeys in the one to two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Increasingly, there has been discussion of whether this is in line with our values as an organization. The history of Thanksgiving, the common narrative of the holiday vs historical realities, and the negative impact the holiday has on some people, especially Indigenous Americans, are worth consideration. These conversations have been happening among staff members for years.
While the Olympia Food Co-op does a lot to adjust to the increased sales associated with this holiday, such as having more canned pumpkin, cranberries, yams, green beans, and of course turkeys in stock, the turkey seems to be the biggest signifier of the holiday and can convey different connotations for each person that other items might not have.
As a member-owned business, it is important to incorporate our member-owners into this conversation. We would like to hear from you! We created this survey to better understand where the membership stands on this issue. Click here to join the survey.