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here is a fresh approach to healthy eating…

Welcome 2017 and our 40 year anniversary! This month, the Produce Newsletter has an interesting step-by-step list, leading one on an adventurous journey resulting in a tailored-for-only-you healthy cookbook:

11 Ideas to Help You Eat More Vegetables and Fruits in the New Year

  1. on your day off, slice/prepare vegetables that you know you like to eat and store them in containers in your refrigerator– they will be ready to eat when you are hungry
  1. wash several heads of lettuce, or bunches of spinach, kale, or collards at the start of the week to use as a base for salads and easy steamed or sautéed side dishes
  1. think of easy ways to add in fruits and veggies – for example – for breakfast try eating oatmeal soaked in a green smoothie with berries – or – scrambled eggs on a bed of spinach – or – use romaine leaves or collard greens in place of bread or tortillas – or – snack on kale chips instead of tortilla chips, etc…
  1. try using fresh citrus juice (lemon, lime, blood orange, tangerine) or vinegars to add depth of flavor to vegetables and salads
  1. add a bunch of greens (kale, chard, spinach) to soups in the last few minutes of cooking
  1. put together a lunch bag or box with containers that have secure lids and are a good size to hold the healthy things you like to eat. Look forward to filling your containers and bag with food that makes your body feel good and your mind feel happy
  1. think of a few small nutritional changes you’d like to make. This might be a goal like “I will eat one serving of kale a day”. Write these changes down. Start small – one goal a week is enough – only add more if you think you can realistically accomplish them
  1. keep a journal of how making the changes you’re working on is going. Note how you feel having made the changes (i.e. more energy, less mood-swings, etc.) as well as how it feels to have accomplished your goal
  1. if you find a goal is not working for you, cross it off your plan and try something else! Maybe you find that you really don’t like kale. You could trying changing your goal of “I will eat one serving of kale a day” to “I will eat one serving of broccoli a day”
  1. at the end of each month, write a summary of the changes you’ve made and keep track of the recipes you’ve enjoyed making that month. At the end of the year, you’ll have your own personalized cookbook!
  1. look at each day as a new opportunity to feed yourself healthy, nutritious food. Even if you don’t meet your goals every day, try to keep working towards healthier eating with the same enthusiasm that got you started in the first place. Give yourself credit for all the times you DID meet your goal, and remind yourself of all the delicious vegetables and fruits you can still look forward to eating!

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