Round Up!

Over the years, we have been able to give money to organizations and individuals with direct donations from our shoppers when they are at the registers. Thank you for participating in this program!

Our newest round up is for Interfaith Works Emergency Shelter at Unity Commons. Meals at Unity Commons:
We need meal donations to support our 24/7 services and keep our guests safe. To feed everyone, we need about 60 servings, which can be safely homemade or ordered from a local restaurant.


Community Sustaining Fund is an Olympia non-profit organization offering seed and sustaining funds for various local organizations that has been an ongoing Round Up for many years. The grant cycle is open twice a year.


Orca Books is the largest independent bookstore in Olympia, carrying new and used books, greeting cards, and more. For nearly 30 years the bookstore has been selling offerings from local authors and craftspeople. In early 2019, the owner Linda decided to form a cooperative. She’s ready to retire, and wants to be sure the store stays open when she’s gone.


Capital Homecare Cooperative provides in home services to seniors and people with disabilities, and are working to create sustainable living for the caregivers. All the caregivers are members, thus have a vote in determining policy. Located in downtown Olympia, they are licensed through the Department of Health in the State of Washington, and all caregivers are HCAs or CNAs.


The South Sound Farm Trust (South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust) , a “nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving farmland and to keeping it farmed forever”. Based in Olympia, this organization supports a dynamic, thriving local food economy by reducing economic barriers for small and beginning farmers. As well, by placing land in farm trusts, it ensures that the land will be used to produce food, keeping this important resource as a vital part of our local communities today, and for future generations.


CECOSESOLA is a huge cooperative network in Venezuela. They operate three food markets, serving thousands of people every weekend, as well as a large health center, funeral home service, health clinics, small farms, and food production co-ops across the country. Increasing political and economic instability in Venezuela presents challenges to our friends to continue the life-changing work they do in the community. Your donation today goes directly to CECOSESOLA to offer emergency support to their workers and cooperatives. Here is a film that the Olympia Food Co-op staff produced after our first exchange with CECOSESOLA in 2012.

Thompson/Chaplin Family – in response to an incident on May 21, 2015 when Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin were shot by an Olympia Police Officer. For more information, check out these links…  Table magazine (PDF) on page 11 …  Black Lives Matter …  Showing Up for Racial Justice  …  Project Implicit (an online test to examine your own biases).


Standing Rock – standing in solidarity with the struggle to stop the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. For some recent news of Standing Rock from the Indigenous Environmental Network 

Magic Kombucha – a popular beverage on our shelves and made in Olympia – ceased production after the tragic fire in their facility and warehouse storage site.