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Volunteer for the Greatest CO-OPATOPIA on Earth!


Volunteer  for the greatest CO-OPATOPIA on earth!

CO-OPatopia celebrates cooperative businesses and all they contribute to our communities and the local economy.

Now in its fourth year, CO-OPatopia is the only free regional event specifically to promote cooperatives, their products and services to consumers, and to other co-ops. Co-opatopia invites co-op members to volunteer for this event! Contact Maija at the Northwest Cooperative Development Center for more information and to participate.

The purpose of CO-OPatopia is to

  • Celebrate the community of co-ops
  • Help current co-op members identify other co-ops in the area
  • Educate non co-op users about the benefits of co-ops and how they can get involved.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

2 pm – 7 pm
“Co-op Street” – 5th & Adams – The Pet Works Parking Lot – in Olympia

Part of spring ArtsWalk