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We’ve just barely entered March and yet it already feels like glorious spring! It’s hard to ignore that vibrant blue sky, the lovely golden sun, and those flower bulbs peeking up through the ground. With the milder weather, we may see some spring crops like radishes, arugula, and asparagus, come on earlier this year.

So far, however, we are much in the same place as usual for March– Northwest storage produce has mostly run out (though we’re still able to get a few NW potatoes, onions, leeks, roots, and apples), and the spring delights mentioned above have yet to begin. We have had a fantastic citrus season, and though it is beginning to wind down, we are still enjoying some wonderful standouts like Heirloom Navels, Murcott and Tango tangerines, and Oroblanco grapefruits.

While we wait for the Northwest produce season to begin, we can also enjoy the great deals we’ve been seeing on cruciferous crops such as Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Kales, Broccolini, and Romanesco. Looking forward to spring…!

By Erin, Produce Manager