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The Olympia Food Co-op 43rd Annual (first virtual) Membership Meeting was held Sat., Nov. 7th, 2020 from 11 am to 2 pm via Zoom. Themed: Inspiring A Just Future, our Keynote was Ellany Kayce, Chair of the Nakani Native Program!

Click Here to watch the whole meeting!

[Keynote, Ellany Kayce)


Land Acknowledgement
Ellany Kayce

Agenda Review
Jim Hutcheon
Board President, and your Host

Board Report
Jim Hutcheon

Community Sustaining Fund Report
Desdra Dawning
Community Sustaining Fund

Finance Report with Q&A
Corey Mayer
Finance Manager

Eastside Kitchen Remodel
Bradley Naragon

Beer & Wine Report
Grace Cox
Merchandising Team

Meet Your Board Candidates: Jayana Marshall & Joanne McCaughan

Environmental Justice
Allison Sykes
Ecological Planning Committee

Keynote Presentation

Ellany Kayce
Board Chair
Nakani Native Program

Staff Report and COVID-19 Update
Nichelle Buckingham
Personnel Coordinator

Break Out Sessions

Join the community conversation by clicking one of the links provided:

A.) Inspiring A Just Future (continued)
Ellany Kayce
Board Chair
Nakani Native Program

B.) Co-op History
Harry Levine
Finance Team

C.) How To Become a Working Member
Alejandro Rugarcia
Working Member Team

D.) Supporting Local Farms and Producers
Cristina Rodriguez
Board Member

E.) How To Join A Board Committee
Joanne McCaughan
Board Member

F.) Co-op Development
Fred Medlicott
Board Member

Outcomes & Group Discussion
Jim Hutcheon

Jim Hutcheon

A warm thank you to Pacific Stage and Divas Interpretation Services Inc.

Brought to you by the Member Relations Committee of the Board of Directors