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Fall 2018

Co-op Table Fall 2018 PDF
Join us on November 3rd, 2018, for Olympia Food Co-op’s 41st Annual Membership Meeting, held from 11:00 am to 3:00 p.m. at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St. NW.

Our Annual Membership Meeting is an opportunity to break bread, and to bring members up-to-date on the operations of the business. Most importantly, it’s a time to participate in our democratic process — voting on ballot measures and electing new members of our Board of Directors. As the body responsible for creating the Co-op’s policies, candidates for the Board are encouraged to introduce themselves and speak about their vision for the Co-op.

Remember, voting is open October 15th through November 15th, 2018.

Last year, over 300 members attended our 40th anniversary meeting and celebration. Guests enjoyed dinner, a Co-op documentary, costume contest, and live music. This year, the Co-op member relations committee chose the event theme of Community Resilience, a practical focus to strengthen our local connections.

Following the Board and staff reports, the annual meeting business, and the candidate speeches, an esteemed discussion panel will integrate a variety of perspectives on our Community Resilience theme. The panel guests include local professionals Candace Penn of Squaxin Island Tribe Natural Resources Department, Heesoon Jun, PhD., Multicultural Psychologist and educator, Meg Martin of Interfaith Works Overnight Emergency Shelter, and Vivian Eason of Thurston Emergency Management. Bring your questions for the community engagement session.

The Co-op is proud to provide delicious soups from Mel O Soup, such as Bodacious Coconut Curry, Garlic and Greens, Diane’s Borscht, and Luscious Sesame Potato. What is soup without a delightful fall salad? Rounding out the peasant meal, expect Country French baguettes, and hearty vegan sourdough breads from Blue Heron Bakery, such as Kalamata Olive & Garlic, Rye, and Spelt. For dessert, the artisan crafted confections from Peace, Love & Raw meet an assortment of Blue Heron cookies and pastries, whilst the Batdorf and Bronson organic coffees flow.

Because sharing good food together is an integral part of what this cooperative community is all about, the rest of the feast will be potluck. In the spirit of our theme, we recognize that community sharing is vital to our resilience. An important method of wealth redistribution, egalitarian societies utilize ritual sharing to cement social contracts, ensure the health of the weakest members, and restore a balance of power. Also, sharing our favorite family and cultural dishes is an excellent way to learn about one another. If all you can spare is a well washed rock, we will be making a Stone Soup.

So, bring a pebble, your favorite vegan ingredient, or your great grandma’s eggplant casserole, but do bring yourself. Join us, as we celebrate another year of cooperative interdependence.

Contact member relations  for more information, or to sign up to bring a dish to share.

By Desdra Dawning, Member Relations Committee
Robyn Wagoner, Staff Member

Co-op Table Fall 2018 PDF

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