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Community Sustaining Fund spring 2015 grant recipients

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The Community Sustaining Fund (CSF) met on Saturday, May 9, 8:30 AM in the community room of MiXX 96, located at State and Washington, for interviews, deliberations, and the subsequent awarding of grants to nine (9) worthy recipients. The CSF did not have sufficient resources to fund all project proponets at their requested level. However, following interviews for nearly three hours, and after an additional hour of discussion, the CSF Leadership Team was able to provide partial endowments in support of each one of the proposals.

The following is an account of funded projects by the CSF in tis spring 2015 cycle:

Arbutus Folk School        $600
TEDx                                  $450
Bee Hives                         $150
Vets for Peace                 $400
US Social Forum              $200
Kiwanis                              $400
Pizza Klatch                      $500
African Diaspora              $200
Power Parenting              $200
Total                                 $3100

As evident from the above list, financial support was awarded for a range of very different proposals. It is always heartening to listen to the project advocates and to have them describe with great passion their ideas and the need for grassroots sponsorship. The Community Sustaining Fund appreciates the support the community provides by “rounding-up” purchases at the Olympia Food Co-op and through direct donations. These have allowed the CSF to continue into its 26th year, in support of over 220 projects totaling $90,000.

As printed in Works In Progress, June 2015