Please fill out our co-op discounts survey!


Click this link to fill out a survey regarding the discounts offered at the Co-op!

The Co-op offers a few member discounts beyond the low shelf prices for all members.  Discount usage has been steadily growing, as have our sales. However, discount usage is growing slightly faster than sales, and has for several years. With our aging shopper base and ongoing economic problems, it is highly likely that this trend will continue, possibly affecting our sustainability.

We have formed a task force to facilitate organization-wide reflection and conversation around our discounts, and to develop and propose changes to our discount systems if needed. Any changes will include member voices and the Co-op Board will have final consent.

When this work is completed we will have confirmed the intent of each discount offered, insured that the details of the programs support the stated intent, and assessed the long-term sustainability of each discount program. Please contact with any questions.