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Olympia Food Co-op - Downtown Community Classroom 610 Columbia Street SW, Olympia, WA, United States

The Olympia Food Co-op is proud to announce that Fungi Perfecti select mushroom starter kits, that were previously only available through mail order, are now available for purchase at our Westside Garden center. Join us for this free and informative presentation that will feature information on low tech mushroom cultivation for home and garden, people […]

MycoRestoration and Saving the Bees with Tristan Woodsmith of Fungi Perfecti

GRuB Farmhouse 2016 Elliott Ave NW, Olympia, WA

Mycorestoration and Saving the Bees: A brief overview of our research on the use of fungi for filtration of water (mycofiltration), the breakdown of toxic wastes (mycoremediation), empowering ecoforestry strategies (mycoforestry) and helping to influence and control pest insect populations (mycopesticides), also Tristan will cover how mushrooms may help save the bees! Fungi Perfecti, LLC […]