Order for Pickup

What Happens Next

1. We will send you an email confirmation of receipt of your order within 12 hours. These confirmations are sent manually, so you will not receive it immediately after submitting your order.

2. After you’ve placed your order, a staff member will shop for and pack up your groceries. Staff will contact you by telephone to let you know the total cost, and to take your card payment. Sorry, we cannot accept cash or checks for order/pickup purchases.

3. After you’ve paid for your order, the staff member will let you know when and where to pickup your order.

4. You’ll come to the back door of the Co-op at the specified time and pickup your order. Please note: If you have a hatchback, station wagon, or SUV, we will cart your order to your car, but ask that you load it yourself so that our workers aren’t exposed to the inside of your car, and you aren’t exposed to our workers. Thanks for your understanding so that we can keep each other safe!

Please be patient and wait for us to call you. The stores are understaffed and very busy, and we promise we’ll contact you about your order as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding!

*** These times are approximate. Due to unprecedented demand and our own capacity, it may take as long as 48 hours before you hear back from us. We so appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to meet the needs of everyone. ****