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Please fill out our Co-op Member Spring Survey, available by clicking here, or in paper form inside both stores.

By the Member Relations Committee
“Today, no matter how modern, and sometimes divisive, the world
continues to grow, sharing with each other still means caring. Our
voices are an essential part of cooperative life and a vital contribution
to how our co-op serves the wellbeing of our community. For us as
members—whether it’s in person at the cash register, in the comment
section of the website, in the suggestion box, or through the
grapevine—our feedback matters. It is crucial in helping our staff and
board members to understand what our community needs, address
things needing change, and to prioritize what our community
considers most important.

Member Relations Committee of the Board has created a Member
Survey that asks us to dive deeper into what matters most to us.
Please take time to share your thoughts with us, either online or with a
take-home-and-return survey from the store. This survey will be
available until March 31 st , and we will be following up with Co-op
Conversation events throughout 2023 to help assist in the process of
inclusive communication and visioning.”

-Photo by staff member Chie Okazaki