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May 15 – June 4, 2019

Mountain Muesli’s founder Chris Young traveled to Iceland with his family where they developed a love affair with muesli, a cereal that is somewhere between oatmeal and granola, and a familiar part of breakfast throughout Europe. Chris came home to Tacoma, and formulated Mountain Muesli’s signature “American style” of muesli!

Mountain Muesli’s mission begins with, “Healthy, tasty food for everyone” and demands their creations be, “Absurdly Good.” Their products are made in Tacoma using local organic ingredients whenever possible, including oats honey, flax seeds, and and assortment of dried fruits. Mountain Muesli uses unrefined sweeteners like honey, agave nectar, and coconut sugar, and attempts to avoid GMO ingredients in all of their products.They prepare their delightful cereals in small batches in facilities free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, and peanuts, so you can feel safe from these common allergens.

Chris is not just dedicated to delicious healthy food, but also to a healthy environment and local economy. Mountain Muesli believes in protecting wild spaces for future generations and donates a portion of every purchase to the non-profit, non-partisan advocacy group the National Parks Conservation Association

In this issue of the Co-op Spoonful, you’ll find a coupon for $.50 off of any package of Mountain Muesli! Look for the easy reclosable bags (perfect for camping!) on shelves at both stores.