Stewart Organics


Makrut limes, that is…just harvested by Stewart Organics in Puyallup and delivered to the West Side. They are gorgeous! We’ll only have them for a limited time. It’s worth coming in to just smell this unique and beautiful floral citrus sent.

Makrut lime leaves are thick, dark green and shiny on the top, porous and pale on the back. A leaf has two connecting leaves called ‘double leaves’. Tear a leaf to smell the distinct aroma. Fresh makrut lime leaves keep well in a refrigerator for at least 2 weeks, and can be frozen for later use. They are excellent in curry and soup.


Makrut limes are dark green in color and have a bumpy surface. Through the juice is seldom used in cooking, the peel of the fruit, with its high concentration of aromatic oils, is indispensable in many curry pastes and is one reason why Thai curries taste refreshingly unique. The zest also imparts a piquant flavor to such delectable favorites as fried fish cakes, and it blends in powerfully with spicy, chili-laden stews.