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July 3 – 16, 2019

Colvin Ranch. The Olympia Food Co-op Meat Department is proud to feature Colvin Ranch beef raised on an ecologically conscious, community centered fourth generation family ranch near Tenino in South Thurston County. Colvin Ranch supplies freshly frozen ground beef and a variety of steaks to Co-op shoppers.

Fred and Katherine Colvin use an intensive rotational grazing system that enables them to raise delicious, tender beef. The cattle are raised without any antibiotics or hormones, handled in a safe and gentle manner, and spend their lives outdoors on healthy prairie lands.

There are myriad documented ecological benefits to the type of grazing system practiced at Colvin Ranch. Native grasses and other prairie species are able to flourish, sequestering carbon and rebuilding healthy soil ecosystems while increasing filtration to improve and recover local watersheds. Many local conservation districts celebrate Colvin Ranch for successfully encouraging the recovery of native prairie plants and protected species.

Grass fed and finished beef is healthy for you, especially when eaten in combination with a rich supply of organic fruits, vegetables, and grains! Studies have shown that cattle raised entirely on grass and forages (as compared to beef raised on corn and other feed) have many health benefits. Grass fed and finished beef has been shown to contain extra omega-3 fatty acids (the most heart-friendly of all the fats), higher levels of cancer-fighting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), up to four times as much Vitamin E, and more Beta-Carotene, B-vitamin thiamine, and riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

The Olympia Food Co-op meat department managers maintain an ongoing close working relationship with Fred, Katherine, and their dedicated employees. We visited Colvin Ranch several years ago and witnessed the prairie blooming with camas and wildflowers while contented cattle grazed nearby. We heard first-hand the lifelong expertise of Fred’s work on the ranch. Fred says, “The facilities are designed to ensure the safety of both the people and the animals. The cattle are born and raised on the ranch and are always handled in a safe and humane manner.” We found this to be absolutely true. Colvin Ranch welcomes visitors at any time (by appointment) so you can see it for yourself!

Find Colvin Ranch products in the frozen meat section at both our Olympia Co-op locations and receive a $.50 discount when you use this Spoonful coupon. For more information or to contact Colvin Ranch, go to their website: colvinranch.com Enjoy!