Shoppers have opportunity to make suggestions for any aspect of our organization by way of a little paper form found at the customer service desk at either store. Folks have mostly used it to put in requests for products they would like to have available when shopping. Thank you to all who participate in this program! It helps us to fill the shelves with what you want, as well as provides opportunity to communicate directly about the product decisions that are made.

After the suggestions are answered, they are displayed in the stores where folks can look though them. We are looking into ways to streamline this on our website for easier access to the answers.  A small group of staff and working members have begun to develop this, and finding it interesting to see some of these answers typed out, have requested we publish some of the exchanges that have been happening this year. And, here it is… a sampling of what is to come….

Suggestions and Answers 2017
only a few from the eastside store

I’m missing the Golden Rose brown rice – I’ve been buying it for a long time. Discontinued?
The Golden Rose did not sell well – slow mover. We discontinued this item, however you can still order 25 lbs. with a 10% discount.

Be great! Requesting the bulk spice plantain chips. I’ve purchased them at the westside. Thanks!
We are presently working on what products will fit after our “remodel”. We will consider but grocery department carries this product.

What happened to the unsalted pistachios in bulk?
They were not selling well at all and kept going rancid so we discontinued.

Can we please get Kalamata olives in bulk with no pits?
We choose to sell olives with pits because they maintain best flavor integrity. The grocery department sells pitted olives in jars. Also, you can bulk order a 5lb bag of pitted olives and get 10% off provided you are a co-op member. Leave an order in person or by phone at our customer service desk.

Please carry some butter muslin along with what you have already – cheese cloth.
We do carry butter muslin. It is both in the cheese case and in the mercantile area with other cheese making supplies.

Thermophylic culture for cheesemaking.
Yes, we sell this. We are able to order from New England cheese-making about every 2 months. Order being placed soon. Will arrive in 102 weeks.

Dairy & Chill
OlyKraut Fermented Sweet Chile Sauce. Please carry it.
This is an exclusive specialty item OlyKraut reserves the selling privilege and it’s only available at the Farmer’s Market. Thanks!

I’m missing G.T.’s Ginger Kombucha that you regularly stock. Please!?
We ran out because it’s so good, it was an amazing sale and we didn’t buy enough. It’s back on the shelf.

Please carry Straus Plain Greek Yogurt.

Please move Nancy’s Plain 8 oz. yogurt lower – frustrated shorter customer who buys 5 per week and wants it moved lower please.

Please bring back Organic Valley Gallon 1% Thanks.
Ordered – will be in Thursday 11/9

Luke’s Rice Chips – just salt, plain (apparently they are the only ones that do not have corn).
This is not currently available to us.

Please carry Righteously Raw Coco bars – small & super delicious. Would add to our selection!
Unfortunately our distributor doesn’t carry this, sorry! Not local, not available from our distributor – from California.

Bullet Proof collagen bars … please.
Unfortunately our distributor doesn’t carry this. Sorry! Apparently Bullet Proof is a diet.

Please carry Inka Chips, Plantain Chips, Chile Picante, sooo good!
They should be in soon. They are now non-GMO certified, so we are bringing them in.

Please carry drinking water in a box. You have coconut water like this – carry regular water too – so much better for our planet. Thanks.
Of the 2 brands available to us, one is bottled in Michigan and one in Colorado. The carbon foot print is still large. We are hoping that one of these companies will make their empty boxes available for sale so we could sell them. We have some brokers checking on that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Gourmet Raw Mio – raw chocolate bark
Unfortunately our distributor doesn’t carry this. Not available from our distributor – out of Illinois.

Please continue to carry Sages chicken apple sausage.
We do carry it. It has been out of stock by the manufacturer, but is now back again. Sometimes long term out-of-stocks occur and may be out of our hands – but we continue to order the item, patiently hoping for it to return. Thanks for your input.

Pet Food
Please bring back NV sardines & tuna in jelly – my cat misses it.
Sorry, these are no longer available through our distributor.

Can you please carry Blue Buffalo pet food. Holistic vets recommend it.
I have brought in the Kitty Yum cat treats from Blue Buffalo – we will see what else we can carry.

You guys should consider to carry fresh edible flowers, either in produce or as plants-marigold, nasturtium, borage, etc. Thanks!
I’ve never seen them offered through our distributor or local farmers and I have concerns about shelf stability, but I’ll keep an eye out for them.

Please carry Organic Girl Arugula at the eastside store
Two things: We only really carry it when there is no bunched arugula (or the quality isn’t good) because more people seem interested in bunch. Right now Organic Girl is having arugula shortage. As soon as that clears up I’ll bring it back.