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February 15 – 27, 2018

In this issue of the Co-op Spoonful, save $.50 on HOTSAUCEfresh’s full range of hot sauces! The first HotBabe- HotSauces were made in Yelm in 2013. Sandra Bocas, dubbed locally as the “Queen of Peppers”, took her enthusiasm for fresh, clean food and hot peppers, mixed them with her Caribbean roots and imagined bottled hot sauce into reality. In 2017 she and Fiona Douglas- Hamilton joined their talents operating the business under the name HOTSAUCEfresh and moved to a larger commercial kitchen in Tumwater.

The two are fiercely committed to healthful living and eating. Their ingredients are organic, vegan, without chemical preservatives or additives, and their Caribbean peppers are grown exclusively here in Thurston County. The duo is intent on expanding the use of hot sauce as a condiment by focusing on Heat with Flavor™ and producing a range of delicious fresh hot sauces that can also be used as marinades and cook sauces. They utilize their fresh and fermented hot peppers in dynamic combinations with fruits and vegetables, preserving with either fresh lime juice, pepper brine, or their proprietary blend of vinegars.

Their product range consists of the original HotBabe-HotSauce in three distinct heat and pepper flavors (medium, hot, and xhot), a Trini Hot pepper sauce (this one is hot!), Winter Solace (a cranberry, orange, and fermented habanero hot sauce) and SweetBabe Quince Hot Sauce (a delightful blend of quince, raw organic sugar and spices).

HOTSAUCEfresh would like to thank Mary Ellen Psaltis for the November 2017 article in Thurston Talk which provided a basis for this piece.