New floors

We are getting new floors!
We are excited to announce that the Eastside store will be getting new floors this fall. The actual laying of the flooring will happen between 6 pm and midnight. 
This means we will be closing at 6 pm on Floor laying nights.
Eastside 6 pm closures due to New Flooring:
Monday, October 2nd
Tuesday, October 3rd
Wednesday, October 4th
Thursday, October 5th
Thursday, October 6th
Monday, October 16th
Tuesday, October 17th
Wednesday October 18th
Thursday, October 19th
Friday, October 20th
What to expect:
Depending on the section of floor being laid, we may have restricted access to displays for parts of days. There will be clear signage regarding any changes in accessibility. Most of the store will be shoppable 8 am to 6 pm on the weekdays the project is happening.
The new flooring is a commercial grade Luxury Vinyl Tile that looks like wood. We asked about off-gasing and were told this is similar to low VOC/no VOC paints. So, plan accordingly. We wanted to remind you that if you have any concerns about being in store, we have our online store which allows you to pick up your orders at the warehouse. Here’s a link for our online store: 
The flooring will begin on the north side of the store, the wall with customer service, the eating area, alcohol, and bulk. The floor will be laid in long rectangular sections, slowly moving towards Produce and the warehouse. 
More news is coming as we learn more and the project begins.