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February 5 – 18, 2020

Cobb’s Rebecca and Stephen Cobb formed “Cobb’s” in 2013, with a mission to “create tasty food that connects us to our common roots – nature.” Cobb’s uses simple, quality, unrefined ingredients, highlighting nature’s essentials.

Everything is dairy and grain (gluten) free and as organic as possible. They’re even using ‘bee-centric’ raw honey, which means they “pay a premium for honey harvested by small-scale organic beekeepers who keep healthier, happier bees.” Cobb’s recipes honor those with food sensitivities, and their packaging is low impact.

The Co-op is proud to carry Cobb’s current product lines which are Chocolate Cups (in the Grab N Go Cooler) and Cashew Cream Cheese (in the Cheese Cooler.) Cobb’s Peanut Butter Cup is a “rich cinnamon-kissed, honey-sweetened, dark-roasted peanut filling in a salty dark chocolate shell.” Cobb’s Sunbutter Cup is “a buttery smooth, honey-sweetened, darkroasted sunflower filling in an espresso dark chocolate shell.” Cobb’s Pecan Crunch Cup is “bold, maple and cardamom-forward, with a toasty kasha crunch, and garnished with sea-salted roasted pistachios.” Cobb’s Walnut Crunch Cup boasts “fresh, fennel-forward, brightened by lemon myrtle, with forthright tannins and a kasha crunch, and garnished with pollen from fennel flowers” NEW! Cobb’s Cashew Crumble Cup is “a maple-sweetened, roasted and salted cashew filling with a crumbly nougat mouthfeel in a dark chocolate shell ~ our latest and second 100% plant-based / vegan cup.”

Cobb’s Cashew Cream Cheese is a dairy-free, probiotic rich, full-bodied spread reminiscent of creamed chevre. Using cashews and local well water, the cheese is cultured with acidophilus. Lemon juice, cider vinegar and dried raw coconut are added. These cheeses are free from fillers, starches or preservatives. You can find four flavors: Green Onion, Garlic & Truffle, Balsamic & Tomato and Plain & Simple.

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(Quotes taken from www.cobbstreats.com)