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February 5 – 13, 2019

Master Tonic. Ready to master your health? Challenge yourself to a Master Tonic made locally in Rainier. Known for its immune system boosting magic, Radiant Health’s Master Tonic carried by the Co-op will not disappoint. Lavern Strunk has been making Master Tonic for seven years, taking the business over from a friend who taught her the craft. Lavern produces in small 24-gallon batches each month and puts her personal touch on the process. She prepares the tonic on the new moon, and after letting it marinate for about two weeks, she bottles it on the following full moon. Laverne tops off the process with the cloudy “mother” liquid from 100% organic apple cider vinegar, and even a blessing.

Master Tonic has been concocted for centuries, and according to the inscription on the Radiant Health bottle, it “historically has been used as an anti-plague, immune system formula with antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.” With an ingredient list including tried and true immune boosting mainstays like ginger and apple cider vinegar, it’s no wonder it works so well. Also known as “fire cider,” the nickname is an apt description of Master Tonic.

When the author decided to try the Radiant Health Master Tonic, they summed it up in one word, “emblazoning!” Upon the first sip, the flavor demands your attention. Its boldest ingredient, fresh hot pepper, provides a powerful yet refreshing burn. The flavor profile is satisfying, rounded out with the sour and slightly sweet apple cider vinegar and the savory garlic bulb. Horseradish provides an additional hint of fire, while onion and ginger root complete the sensory experience. The effects are as exciting as the flavor and, confirming the branding, elicits a feeling of radiant rejuvenation. Do you need any more reasons to feel good about Radiant Health’s Master Tonic? There is no expiration date, and it never requires refrigeration! Now try it for yourself!