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February 27 – March 12, 2019

8 Arms Community Bakery. Ever feel like you have to sell out for your sweet tooth? Good news: Now you can have your pastry and eat it too. In this edition of the Spoonful, we’re giving you a $.25 off coupon for any bakery treat from 8 Arms Community Bakery.

The 8 Arms gluten-free bars are a huge hit at both stores, so look for the Happy Hiker (gorged with chocolate chips, raisins, and sunflower seeds), the Oh My Goodness! (replete with chocolate chips, peanuts, and coconut), or the Chocolate Brownie, Cherry Almond Love Potion, Cranberry and White Chocolate, or Double Chocolate Mint Delight. On the eastside, you can also find their assorted fruit tarts and freshly baked cookies!

Based in Olympia, 8 Arms Community Bakery is about as local as you can get. Jen Ownbey started 8 Arms Bakery in 2007. With humble beginnings operating out of a converted garage, the bakery now occupies a nearly 2000 square foot space with six staff members.

With an innovative “bakery CSA” model, community members can buy into 8 Arms’ bakery share model, getting yummy baked goods delivered weekly. The community share model also enables producers to buy ingredients in bulk, making prices lower. 8 Arms Community Bakery’s relationship with the Co-op offers another way to support and benefit from their delicious treats.

Not only do the Co-op and 8 Arms Community Bakery make sense together economically, there is a convergence and mutual support of shared values and principles. The Co-op is proud to partner with a home grown small business in Olympia with a community oriented model. Sourcing local products is one of the Co-op’s core values because this creates a minimal carbon footprint, and keeps our hard earned money within our local economy where it can benefit our families, friends, and neighbors.

Let your sweet tooth win without losing your conscience (or sending your money out of state!) Indulge in a treat from 8 Arms Community Bakery with the coupon at the end of this article!