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Fall 2019

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Every year at this time, the Board of Directors of the Olympia Food Cooperative look to the November ballot as a time to open their doors to incoming new directors. This process is one of the key ways that members can help to guide the direction of their Co-op. Participating in the Board elections— either by running yourself, or encouraging a friend, family or colleague to run for the Board—and by voting, is one of the most powerful and creative actions any cooperative member can offer to our community. Knowing that your Co-op Board has your best interests in mind, and is prepared to stand by them, is grounding and life-affirming. It is participatory democracy at its finest.

Sign-up to apply for the Board election runs every year from August 15 – September 15. Voting is held from October 15 – November 15. Ballots are made available at both stores. Currently, two positions are available on the Board.

Often, other measures are included on the ballot. This year, the measure being put forth to all Co-op members, is the question of whether or not our stores can include beer, wine and soft alcohol products in the product line. Most cooperative markets now carry these products. The ultimate decision on this rests in your hands.

The Co-op Annual Meeting, being held this year on Saturday, November 2nd, at the Olympia Community Center, is the place where Co-op members can meet and hear from all members who have applied to run for a seat on the Board. A ballot box is always made available at this yearly meeting for those who prefer to vote after hearing from these candidates, and also gain clarification on any other measures on the ballot. Several Co-op Conversations have been held for members over the past year to discuss this measure.

This will be the second year that online voting is available. The ballot will be made available on the website. Please make sure that your email address is correct in Co-op records in order to vote in this manner.

In the same way that participation in voting in national elections is an integral and crucial part of the democratic process, so too does your vote determine the direction your Co-op takes in the years to come. Please vote and make your voice heard!

by Desdra Dawning, Member, Board of Directors

Co-op Table Fall 2019 PDF

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