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Sorry, Cancelled. Ancient Traditions in Preparing Nourishing Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Legumes

August 20, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Why is it important to consider how our ancestors from virtually all cultures prepared their grains, nuts and legumes in a different manner than what is presented in our modern cookbooks?

During this class we will learn how to soak, ferment and sprout these foods just as most all pre industrialized cultures practiced.  We will consider how these preparations align with what modern science is now reporting and how it affects our health to consume large amounts of these foods that are not prepared properly.

Let’s take up a discussion of the many ancient grains, such as emmer, farro, teff, spelt, etc. and how including them in our diet may result in far fewer allergies.  And best of all, let’s have fun tasting and smelling the delicious flavors and aromas that result from taking the time to “supply the beneficial essence of life” (quote from the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) 

I am a lover of deeply nourishing food. There are so many theories and options to consider as we choose how best to support our bodies with what truly constitutes a healthy diet.  Obviously, from the nature of the classes I am teaching I have learned that, as much as modern technology has brought us freedom from many of the challenges that our ancestors faced, modern food choices have deeply compromised our physical well being.  My own journey has led me back to ancient wisdom and traditions in how we produce and process our food.  The science behind how ancient cultures handed down crucial life sustaining instructions in food ways is a passion of discovery and experimentation for me.  During the classes I am offering I look forward to learning from each of you about what you have discovered regarding a diet that sustains and nourishes your family’s health.

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Rebecca Grayum


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