Co-op’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The health and well-being of our shoppers, staff, working members and suppliers is our utmost concern. Our goal is to keep both of our stores open and safe to provide food and essential supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help Keep Our Community Healthy

As shoppers, we ask that you

  • please stay home if you are displaying symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, or muscle aches
  • use our online order and pickup system, accessible at: Order for Pickup
  • bring shopping bags for self-bagging after purchase but do not shop into them
  • maintain 6 feet between yourself and others
  • use hand sanitizer
  • use gloves while shopping in our bulk department
  • only touch what you intend to buy
  • wear a face mask over your nose and mouth while shopping, as required in Thurston county
  • avoid touching your face while shopping and re-sanitize as needed
  • shop solo whenever possible to help reduce crowding and wait times
  • sanitize your cart and basket before and after shopping

Safe Shopping

What we do differently now

  • open hours are now 9am – 8pm at both stores
  • number of customers inside our stores are limited based on state requirements
  • Westside Free Store is closed at least until Phase 4 of WA State Guidelines for Safe Reopening
  • some areas may need to close for short periods for safe restocking and cleaning
  • workers regularly sanitize and clean high touch surfaces in the store
  • disinfected pencils are provided at customer service for writing bulk PLU numbers, and the produce numbers no longer need to be written down
  • Eastside eating area closed until further notice
  • extra signage and floor markers present to remind us all about social distancing

Taking care of our Workers

  • staff and working members are required to stay home if they are sick or concerned about exposure
  • workers wash our hands frequently, use sanitizer and sanitize or replace gloves as needed
  • workers wear masks and face coverings and we strive to make more masks available to all. Donations are accepted!
  • plexiglass barriers have been added at checkout lanes
  • strive to maintain social distancing best practices and move stocking work to before and after open hours
  • meetings are held online and we utilize opportunities for remote work when possible

Department Updates

Most departments have begun taking special orders again, some restrictions may apply. Exceptions include rice and baking yeast from the bulk department. We cannot guarantee supply of any item and some may have longer wait times than others. As usual, items on promotion or Co+op Basics do not receive the special order discount. Call one of our stores to place a special order.

We are now taking PREORDERS for turkeys!

  1. You will have a choice between organic and free range
  2. You can choose to pick up at either store
  3. Order deadline is October 9th
  4. You will receive a call after November 19th to pick up your turkey for 20th – 22nd.
  5. To order please go to

In the Deli

  • following our kitchen remodel, some Deli production has begun again! Sandwiches and ready to eat foods will be available throughout the week and we will continue to plan for more offerings
  • coffee and hot water service is suspended but we hope to resume soon
  • salad and soup bars will remain closed until further notice

In the Bulk Aisle

  • use of the provided single-use gloves is required and workers frequently anitize high touch areas
  • special orders are available again! These are the details:
      1. only items we carry
      2. no additional case discount for items on special
      3. limit of 100 lbs. per customer per order and only 1 bag/box of any item
      4. no rice or baking yeast until further notice
      5. we cannot guarantee if or when an item will arrive or be available

We understand that these protocols are new for everyone and can be difficult to get used to. Please check back frequently for updates.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For Feedback
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