Co-op’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The health and well-being of our shoppers, staff, working members and suppliers is our utmost concern. Our goal is to keep both of our stores open and safe to provide food and essential supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Masks Required, No Exceptions

The Olympia Food Co-op requires masks for all individuals ages 5 years and up. Masks must cover nose and mouth.

We will not tolerate any aggression/yelling/cursing at or towards any of our workers. We continue to exercise our right to ask you to leave and to not ring out your groceries if the above is not observed.

We welcome you to our stores, and ask you to come with understanding and respect for our worker’s right to work in a non-hostile environment, and that you show the same towards others while at the Co-op.

Our Online Order for Pickup service continues to be available to those who need it at

We value your support and your feedback: contact us at

Help Keep Our Community Healthy

As shoppers, we ask that you

  • please stay home if you are displaying symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, or muscle aches
  • use our online order and pickup system, accessible at: Order for Pickup
  • bring shopping bags for self-bagging after purchase but do not shop into them
  • maintain 6 feet between yourself and others
  • use hand sanitizer
  • wear a face mask over your nose and mouth while shopping, even if fully vaccinated

Safe Shopping

What we do differently now

  • workers regularly sanitize and clean high touch surfaces in the store
  • disinfected pencils are provided at customer service for writing bulk PLU numbers, and the produce numbers no longer need to be written down
  • Eastside eating area closed until further notice
  • extra signage and floor markers present to remind us all about social distancing

Taking care of our Workers

  • staff and working members are required to stay home if they are sick or concerned about exposure
  • workers wash our hands frequently, use sanitizer and sanitize or replace gloves as needed
  • workers wear L&I approved masks and face coverings
  • plexiglass barriers have been added at checkout lanes
  • strive to maintain social distancing best practices and move stocking work to before and after open hours
  • meetings are held online and we utilize opportunities for remote work when possible


Q: Do employees get Covid testing?

A: We encourage employees to follow the recommendations of their healthcare providers and get testing as necessary. Our benefits include paid sick leave as well as free Covid testing.

Q: What are you doing to maintain 6ft distancing?

A:  We acknowledge that some crowding may be unavoidable. Because of this we also offer our curbside program. For more information please see our website.

Q: How do employees maintain appropriate Covid safety practices in offices and break rooms?

A: We encourage all workers to eat outside or in their cars if able. In order to accommodate workers without cars we also have designated areas where a single individual may eat and break.

We limit staff in work spaces, have plastic curtain barriers between workstations, leave windows and doors open for ventilation, as well as require the wearing of approved face coverings.

Q: Are you still offering the Order for Pickup program?

A: Yes. We are currently offering the program at the Eastside location. Please see our website for more details.

Q: Do I need to wear gloves while shopping in the store?

A: Single-use gloves are provided but are not required for shopping in any part of the store.

We understand that these protocols may be inconvenient and can be difficult to get used to. Please check back for updates.

Q: Are children required to wear masks inside of the co-op?

A: Children 5 years and older are required to wear a mask while inside the co-op. Children 4 and under are exempt.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.