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Celebrate Local Eats!

On a sunny weekend in June, the Olympia Food Co-op’s Local Committee hosted our third annual Local Eats event. Twenty local vendors offered samples of food and products at our stores and provided an opportunity for shoppers to learn about their businesses and farms. This year’s event was a terrific success with a wide variety of locally crafted products such as spreads, pastries, dairy products, fermented foods, fresh produce, mushroom supplements, salsas, sweet confections, baking mixes, granola, and beverages.

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Participating businesses included: Exquisite & Traditional, Smiling Mo’s Bakery, Cobb’s Treats, OlyKraut, Calliope Farm, Sweet Niche Bakery, Pigman’s Organic Produce Patch, 8 Arms Bakery, Tastes Happy, Terrabucha, Mountain Muesli, Tamale Fusion, Jalisco, Flying Cow Creamery, Rawk Star Creations, Host Defense, Tierra Bonita, Peace Love & Raw, Purely From Scratch, and Oly Cultures. Our next event will be at the Co-op’s annual Harvest Party in September.