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June 13 – July 3, 2018

This issue the Co-op Spoonful is featuring fresh organic gourmet salad mixes from our neighbors at Calliope Farm! As fresh as three miles away, their greens are lovingly grown and bagged in fully compostable packaging!

Calliope Farm is a family run certified organic farm, owned and operated by Jacob Wilson and Teva Grudin. They grow more than 100 varieties of gourmet quality vegetables and berries and integrate livestock on a small scale for family and farm use. Passionate about quality and diversity, some of their favorite things to grow are gourmet salad mixes, sugar snap peas, tender carrots, sunflower shoots, heirloom tomatoes, tender blue lake beans, specialty cucumbers, and radicchio.

Jacob and Teva grow on 30 acres divided between three sites around Olympia, Washington. Their practices emphasize soil building cover-crops and long crop rotations, efficient water use, and season extension to offer customers and employees year-round produce and employment. Calliope Farm is proud to have been a part of the collaborative and vibrant local food movement since 2004, with a vision to create a healthy farm ecosystem that can preserve and improve farmland, while sustaining this community now and for future generations.

See the farm and meet the whole family in their Olympia Food Co-op Local Partner Profile video