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January 17 – 30, 2018

Our Spoonful coupon this week features the delicate sweetness of jams and jellies created by the family-owned and operated Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards. As their name implies, they have been developing, over the past almost 40 years, unusual and disease-resistant vines, shrubs, and fruit and nut trees that love the soil and climate on their farm in the foothills of the Pacific Northwest mountains.

From many years of research and experimentation, their nursery can offer a variety of regional fruiting plants – trees, bushes, vines, and ground covers. They also offer nitrogen-fixing plants, ornamentals, and native plants.

And, here’s the best part! In the commercial kitchen at their farm they have been producing, from the bounty of their orchard, delicious certified-organic jams, jellies, and apple butter.