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July 18 – 31, 2018

The Co-op receives a variety of stone fruits from Brownfield Orchard during the summer season. Overlooking the Columbia River Valley in Chelan, Washington, this 46 acre family orchard has been in operation since Mike Brownfield’s grandfather planted the first fruit trees on this fertile soil some 26 years ago.

Mike’s father John co-founded the Tilth Producers of Washington and co-created the standards for organic tree fruit certification. Naturally, Brownfield Orchard became one of the first farms to gain organic certification when it began in Washington in 1988.

With fruits ripening in succession, Brownfield operates year round, al­lowing their employees full time work, including off season pruning. Brownfield Orchards grow, harvest, package and deliver fine fruits to our region. They are one of few orchards that directly market their own fruit, picked ripe and delivered for maximum sweetness and nutrition.

Next to ripen, right after cherries, are the apricots, here for our succulent eating pleasure. The apricot season is short, so now is the time to bring them home!