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February 28 – March 13, 2018

The Co-op invites you to join us in our mission to “make human impacts on the  earth and its inhabitants positive and renewing” by tending to the health of your soil and plants this spring! We’re offering a local coupon for $2 off all Black Lake Organic soil amendments, to help make these top of the line organic fertilizers accessible to more people.

Since the 1980’s Black Lake Organic has been developing and producing some of the highest quality, most thoughtfully blended organic soil amendments on the market. In 2007, their innovations in building and maintaining soil health earned them an Environmental Excellence Award from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The Co-op is proud to offer our members the full BLOOM (Black Lake Organic Optimum Mixes). They are crafted with an expert knowledge of soil and plant biology to encourage robust and healthy plants. These products contribute to the overall health of the soil and surrounding ecosystem, as well as improving human health by increasing the nutritional value of food.

Intimidated by the prospect of amending your soil? You’re not alone, but you need not fear (especially if you are using the right BLOOM blend for your individual situation). Once the soil dries out and warms up a bit, just follow these easy steps:

Clear the weeds from your garden bed or from around the base of existing plants. Pull them out by hand or use a weeding tool (Come visit us at the Garden Center for help finding the right tool for you).

Apply the appropriate fertilizer blend according to the application rates on the package.

Add some compost or aged manure.

Work into the soil using a shovel, spade, digging fork or other cultivating tool. Check the directions on the package for the right depth.

Some fertilizers need a little time to mellow out before you sow seeds. Follow instructions on the package.