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August 13 – September 3, 2019

Old School Pizzeria Olympia Food Co-op is proud to partner with our local businesses to provide our shoppers with the highest quality products that travel the least distance! The Co-op’s definition of “local” means within five counties, and you can’t get more local than Old School Pizzeria in downtown Oly!

The pizzeria opened in 1995, and Kenny Pugh, one of the original owners, has been running the pizzeria for the last 13 years with his partner Connie and their kids Rosemarie, Theo and Felix. The Star Wars mural on the building was one of the first things they did!

Kenny says, “it was so important to us that pizzeria be a part of the community that surrounded us and hope it’s still an example of that.”

This issue of the Co-op Spoonful includes a coupon for $.50 off of Old School’s scrumptious pizza dough located in our frozen department.