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August 1 – 14, 2018

Our Local Savings Coupon in this issue will allow you 50¢ off all Certified Organic vegetable starts from our friends at Ellis Creek Farm!

Nestled on three acres near Priest Point Park in Olympia, this small family operation relies mostly on human power to do their work, using hand tools and a walk-behind tractor to ensure a low environmental impact. To serve as stewards of the land and nearby waterways, neonicotinoids, copper-based products, and pesticides (which are harmful to bees and salmon) are never used by the farm. Ellis Creek Farm has been certified Salmon Safe, and they take their commitment to the environment even further by choosing packaging made from recycled bottles.

The folks at Ellis Creek Farm created their own custom seed starting mix containing balanced nutrients and mycorrhizal fungi, and their cultivars thrive! In addition to plant starts for gardening, they also produce salad mixes, baby veggies, edible flowers and gourmet greens.

A long list of available starts can be found at the Garden Center and on the Ellis Creek Farm website. While you’re there, you can also check out their blog for instructions on building a portable chicken coop, or using rotational grazing with goats to hold back the onslaught of blackberries!